2010 HSV E2 Series Details


While its passenger car sibling Holden has announced the latest in fuel saving engines, its performance arm has been working on the latest iteration of its E-series range.

Pavle.com.au can tell you exclusively that HSV has employed a radical visual design to catch the attention of passing motorists, along with a bi-modal exhaust to deafen the said passing motorists.

2010 HSV E2 Series GTS

LED driving lights appear to be standard across the range (and sit as a horizontal strip across the front bar. Pontiac styling cues ensue in the form of bonnet scoops (presumably non-functional) and a revision to the power outputs place the E2-series HSV comfortably back at the top of the power ladder.

Two engines will be on offer – a 317kW 6.2-litre LS3 V8, along with a 320kW 6.2-litre LS3 V8.

Although we can’t confirm it yet, it’s rumoured that automatic models will be offered with a quasi launch control program (still a rumour though).

2010 HSV E2 Series GTS

GTS and Senator Signature ride height has been dropped 8mm to 112mm, while the Clubsport R8 loses 3mm, going down to 117mm.

While the ride height has been dropped, weight has increased in two models. Clubsport R8 gains 1kg, GTS gains 7kg, while the Senator Signature loses 9kg.

2010 HSV E2 Series Tourer

Brake sizes remain the same for the Clubsport R8 and GTS. The Senator Signature on the other hand receives the same size brakes fitted to the HSV W427 which has reached the end of production, measuring 378mm (front, ventilated) and 350mm (rear, ventilated).

As mentioned earlier, a bi-modal exhaust will be standard on the GTS and optional on the Clubsport R8 and Senator Signature. The bi-modal exhaust will allow the driver to walk on egg shells, or walk on dynamite at the flick of a switch.

2010 HSV E2 Series Tourer

The GTS will now be fitted with 20 x 8.5 wheels front and 20 x 9.5 rear as standard, while the Clubsport R8 and Senator Signature receive 19 x 8 and 19 x 9.5 (front and rear respectively).

What are your thoughts on the latest iteration of HSVs?

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UPDATE: While most people are already aware, HSV will be offering their V8 range with LPG. From what our sources have indicated, the higher output engine will be fitted with the LPG system. The injected system allows the vehicle to produce more power and consume less fuel.

The following pictures illustrate the vehicle’s daytime running lights and also confirm the Senator will not receive the outlandish bonnet scoops and will retain a more conservative look. Thanks to James33 of LS1.com.au for the tip.

2010 HSV Clubsport Spy Photos

2010 HSV Senator Spy Photos

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  3. Everyone I have forwarded this to loved it …not a fan of the rear bar myself.
    How do we know if this is the real deal ???
    Is it just another CGI ???

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  5. Impossible for launch control on an conventional automatic, unless they’re putting in a large stall convertor which i doubt very much. Until they start using dual clutch semi autos you will never see launch control on a normal auto. The closest thing to launch control on a normal auto you will see is on drag cars with high stall convertors and trans brakes.

  6. Still not conviced this will be the final look.

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  8. I hope they leave it just as it is….I’ve never been a big fan of the VE, but this latest look has grabbed me…as for the wheels, they can be changed easily enough.

  9. wat dickheads, tryna make it look legit. that is a shit lookin photoshop, u dont know fuck all about the E2, ur photoshop of the silver GTS looks like uve incorporated an evo front bumper into it, and sorry to burst there perfect picture but they deffinately aint the rims they are using, and as for the rear bumper all you’ve done is taken the aftermarket bumpers for the VX seen in a few magazines and changed it to sorta suite the E. No one knows bugger all bout it, little bits and peices but im sure they wouldnt leak much of there secrets. better luck next time

  10. Losing faith in HSV. May go FPV if this keeps up.

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  12. Hah, the joke’s on you “Luke 08 Maloo”.

    It turns out the cars look exactly like they have been pictured.

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