2010 FPV GT Spied! Supercharged V8

Pavle.com.au has exclusive spy photos of the latest road-tearing monster from the FPV stables.

Paul Maric from CarAdvice told readers:

After breaking news of a supercharged FPV in June, 2009, Pavle.com.au photographers have snapped the next installment in FPV’s feisty line-up. Either that or it’s the lead vehicle in Back to the Future IV.

It’s common knowledge that FPV will ditch the BOSS V8 in July this year due to emissions regulations. In place of the well-served BOSS V8 will be the all new V8 developed in America for the Ford Mustang. According to sources within Ford, Ford will name the supercharged FPV the GT-H. What makes the vehicle pictured above so unique is that it’s the first manufacturer application of a supercharged Coyote V8 anywhere in the world.

The task of handling the supercharging effort has been left with the nut-job engineers at FPV who have graced us with things like the XR6 Turbo and F6 310. I don’t know about you guys, but that to me can only mean one thing – fun.

Along with wider rear tyres to cope with extra power (expect around 275mm, up from the current 245mm offering), quad exhaust pipes will be fitted to all Coyote laden FPVs and the XR8 or its replacement. In addition to the quad exhaust pipes, the GT-H ringleader will feature dual inlets on the front bumper bar, suggesting an intercooled supercharger will be used to belt extra power out of the 5.0-litre V8.

The red vehicle spotted back in June, 2009 by our eagle eyed spy photographers was an early development mule. The blue vehicle pictured above appears to be undergoing final testing in preparation for a circa July launch. While out photographers simply raved about the supercharger whine back in 2009, this time around they have captured audio of the supercharged Falcon undergoing acceleration testing – make sure you listen to the exhaust.

In addition to rumours suggesting the uptake of the GT-H nameplate, Ford may also ditch the XR8 nameplate, opting instead for XR50, signifying the 5.0-litre engine capacity.

Exclusive audio of the supercharged V8 accelerating was also captured and can be viewed here:

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  1. It sounds tough as, and sounds like it guna kick ass. Bring it on.

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  3. […] outputs to allow the system to cope with the strain. You can check out photos and audio of the 2010 FPV GT-H here. Falcon XR8 sedan and Ute models are not part of this Euro IV upgrade for the FG Falcon range. […]

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