2009 Light Hatch Comparison

CarAdvice‘s Nadine Armstrong puts six light hatches against each other to sort the good from the bad. Photography by Pavle.com.au.

2009 Light Hatch Comparison

“Generally speaking, the word ‘light’ implies there’s something missing: less than the others; a lack thereof; insubstantial; skimping.

It rarely invokes a sense of excitement – light beer, for example. As far as the ‘light car’ segment goes, my expectations are immediately managed (down), and I’m ready to be underwhelmed.

Light cars do however have the edge over the heavy-hitting competition in one key area – size – and small proportions thereof.

While ‘small cars’ like the Holden Cruze may offer sharp pricing, impressive safety credentials and a great package, they are decidedly larger than their ankle-biting competition in the light car segment.”

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