Holden VF Commodore Spy Pictures

Our photographers have snapped more images of Holden’s upcoming VF Commodore in testing.

The pictures clearly show the masked Commodores alongside a Pontiac G8.

2010 Holden Commodore VF

Upon closer inspection, the headlights have increased in size and it seems that the front bumper bar has moved further out.

2010 Holden Commodore VF

It’s unclear whether the engines being tested are from the current crop or include diesel technology.

3 Responses to “Holden VF Commodore Spy Pictures”

  1. Im sorry but as i previously stated, this pictures are all bullshit, its a G8 Limited SSV. Pavle have now stopped accepting comments due to every one stating that these images are false. Pavle, these images are misleading to the untrained eye and to the public. State that there was a slight error and that it is a G8 SSV. Thank you.

  2. No it’s not Zeek. I work for Holden and can confirm they are NOT G8 cars. The G8 cars are SS Commodores.

    The cars pictured here are in fact the next gen Commodore. It’ll have a slightly revised front end with a new interior arrangement.

    They have been testing these cars with front car bras for ages now. It’s all over the forums. You should read up.

  3. Next Gen? by next gen your sayin take example from vt to ve… no mate i think you should read up. Its a model up probably like from vn to vp or from vt to vx. Oh and just for the record, i work for Holden too, and probably for a hell of a lot longer than you have. Im sorry but these photo’s surfaced just before SIDI was released, and before the G8 SS’s were released, so dont tell me other wise. I am not yet convinced. Pavle are showing The pics, but the pics do not back them up as evidence on the VF commodore. Its like accusing someone of something, and not having the proof to back your story. Im sorry The images aint legit!

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