Holden testing facelifted VE/VF Commodore

Hot off the heels of the release of Holden’s SIDI engine range, Holden has been sprung testing what has been dubbed as the VF Commodore.

The VF Commodore is rumoured to receive a revised front end and interior. Sources within Holden suggest evaluation of prototypes is currently underway with road traversing vehicles (such as the one pictured), along with public workshops on its design elements.

2010 Holden Commodore VF

In addition to the design revision, Holden is likely to introduce a turbocharged four-cylinder engine into the Commodore range, allowing the vehicles to use BioFuel, similar to that currently on offer from Saab.

The iTi (Intelligent Turbo Injection) engines will be capable of using E85 ethanol fuel in a bid to possess a greener image.

Pavle.com.au will keep you posted with further details as the come to hand.

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  4. Seriously, were all sick of these so called “VF” shots. Prove that it is the new Commodore. Because i am not yet convinced. As far as Im aware that Holden themselves has released only 1 official image, and thats about 200×340 pixels and is blurred out. Its blue in color and looks absolutely demonic! These so called spy picks have been taken just before the time of the Pontiac limited edition models. And No! the a pillar trims have not changed in size, you people only assume this because the cars is on an angle a is taken at a distance. There is one inside source tho, the website. http://www.vfcommodore.com/concepts.html
    A character by the name of ‘Inside>Source’ has revealed to some what detail of the up coming car, with production variants havent ye been finalised. I suggest you should seriously have a read. Very informing.

  5. Zeek:

    That’s exactly what everyone said when Pavle.com.au leaked photos of the E2 HSV range…they all ended up with mud on their faces because it was exactly what the car looked like!

    I think this will be the same story. Everyone has said that there will only be minor changes to the front of the cars, hence the photographs above.

    If they were the SE SS Commodores with the Pontiac front ends then they would have SS body kits. The cars pictured DON’T!

  6. Yes, Agreed. Pavle, get your facts straight before you report something, Coz i my self and i speak for everyone else also are sick of every time we type vf commodore, these pathetic pictures come up. Address that you have made a mistake and come foreward about it. In laymans terms its a Fucking Joke.

  7. Zeek: The only ‘f’ing joke’ around here is you, Zeek.

    The previous poster told you in simple terms that these guys were right about E2 and I have no doubts at all the vehicles pictured are in fact VF Commodores.

    It’s common knowledge that the VF will receive only minor exterior changes with the rest being interior changes – again, only minor.

    Pipe down and stop looking like a d/wad.

  8. inregards to the 3 cars in the pics you have
    white car to the left is a chev replacement for the ponitac hence the fill in the bagging the car in the middle is poss the chevy rebranding of that front that everyone puts on there ute these day
    (please not that the ponitac front never had crome strip in lower skirts under number plate) the car to the right is the new VE2 calais not the grille area.
    If your shooter has been shooting proto’s as long as i have you would see this.
    Regards Spyman…………

  9. Also the white car to the left has the old SS lower skirt on it
    (stay tuned to your local CAR mag for a big spead on VE2 pics soon)

    Regards spyman………..

  10. Lol, Zeeks right. There only G8 ss and new SIDI varients. There not the new Vf commodore at all. And by the way Tony, get back in your box! Zeek wasnt making derogatory comments to you in the first place, Grow up.

  11. Guys,
    At least 2 of the cars in those pics are the new VE2
    i have seen the base,calaisv,ssv and inside them
    the only changes inside revolve around the new touch screen and air vents, that pic in drive is the ss dash
    and as for the outside there is change but to save my investment i will keep that un reported

    Hint one model gets brembo’s as standard

    This car is just a freshin up dont expect to much change.

    Regards spyman

  12. its a piece of crap, a current VE looks better, and the new crappadore V6 with 225kW at very high and unusable and never reachable RPM will never and still can not match the torque of an old and now aging BA Falcon XT that has no less than 380Nm standard which varies between 380Nm and 390Nm depending on the fuel used. It is a shame that they can not make a car that makes 225kW at lower RPM such as 5000-5500rpm rather are aiming at high reves in order to achieve peak power , something that Ford could have done long ago , holden and overrated GM V6 engines will never break a benchmark barrier in TORQUE, Ford Falcon I6 in FG guise makes 420Nm on RON95 and 208kW, add 420 and 208 and you get 628, add 225 + 370 and you get 595, so essentially Falcon wins , Commodore loses, not to mention when you compare an old BA XT 182kW/380Nm that is 562 in total power units or a BF which is basically a BA with a different marketing strategy advertising a Barra182 at 190kW and 383Nm so that makes it 573 total power units which is great for a car that you can get nowdays for $9999-11000 versus this crap direct injected v6 making useless power and torque at high rpm and never living up to its moto that it makes 90% at as low as 1500rpm, how does a BA XT sound like with 365Nm at just 1500rpm or 345Nm at just 1000rpm ? people wake up and fake the reality, the FGII will make 220kW/425Nm standard/stock from 1/1/2011 and will be the last I6 4.0L in history.

  13. one more fact. a stock standard BA/BF make 202-205kW with a generic tune and over 410Nm on RON91 petrol, tune it with RON98, fuel which is a must for the overrated 225kW/370Nm weak 3.6L direct injected V6 and the I6 Ford Falcon 4.0L will make 210kW/430Nm with ease, this is from a stock standard totally mechanically stock BA I6 3984cc engine, add a pair of extractors, just extractors and torque goes to 450Nm, and power to 225kW, this figures 225kW/450Nm are more of economy + responsiveness type of power/torque numbers, the BA XT 182kW/190kW still pull like 210kW/430Nm engines after the generic tune on RON98, but with extractors and only headers not the full exhaust those extra 20Nm and 15kW are only aiding towards responsiveness and engine note. with a full exhaust a stock BA XT will make 230kW/460Nm with a tune on RON98. Try beating that!!!!!!! a V6 would never match that, the most it will ever reach is 380-385Nm and 250-260kW and that is it, no way it would generate so much torque and in the low RPM – MID range. CHEEEERRRS!!!!

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