2010 Ford Territory Diesel Spy Photos

Pavle.com.au photographers have taken exclusive spy photos of Ford’s latest Territory – the diesel.

“Our spy photographers have been at it again, this time around catching Ford testing the long awaited Ford Territory Diesel.

Although this pair of white Territorys look identical to most other Territorys on the road, it takes an eagle eye to spot the glaring differences.

If you have a look at the front end, the front-mount intercooler is visible, as is a side mounted radiator – which has had a fog light removed for extra breathing room.”

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2 Responses to “2010 Ford Territory Diesel Spy Photos”

  1. It’s about time Ford did a diesel, good on them!

    If the power and torque figures are anything to go by, this should be a decent truck!

  2. Good spot!

    I am with LPG dude, give me 40cpl v 120cpl anyday.

    No major changes required, all the gear off a Falcon LPG plumbs up nice and easy.

    Ford have injected LPG coming out very soonish, maybe they are waiting for that, anyway the aftermarket guys are having a field-day fitting LPG, and unlike paying $2k extra to buy a junk DIEsel Rudd gives you BACK $2k and a further $1k back if its W/Aust. registered.DON’T try this with DIEsel smelly stinking job!

    Long live Aussie made LPG!



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