2011 Ford Territory Spy Photos

Pavle.com.au has exclusively sprung Ford testing the 2011 face-lifted Ford Territory. According to sources, the entire body will receive changes but due to supplier delays, mules are currently only fitted with camouflage to the front and sides. Check out CarAdvice.com.au for more details.

FPV supercharged plans delayed

Originally planned for a July 1st launch, Ford has delayed the announcement and introduction of its supercharged V8 products. As first revealed by Pavle.com.au in June, 2009, Ford planned to have a locally modified variant of the 5.0-litre V8 engine codenamed the Coyote from the American Mustang ready for the Euro IV emissions deadline of […]

HSV plays funny with E4 Series, E5 Series

Holden Special Vehicles (better known as HSV) is playing funny with punters, registering trademarks for E4 Series and E5 Series. After releasing the E3 Series image earlier in the year, it’s believed HSV is pulling everyone’s leg in an attempt at humour. Nevertheless, here they are for all and sundry to see.

2012 Ford Ranger T6 Undercarriage and Engine Spied

Hot on the heels of exclusive interior photos of the 2012 Ford Ranger T6, the Pavle.com.au spies have snapped scoop photos of the vehicle’s undercarriage and engine bay. Paul Maric from CarAdvice had this to say about the scoop spy photographs. If it wasn’t enough that CarAdvice brought you exclusive scoop photos of the 2012 […]

2012 T6 Ford Ranger Interior Scooped

It’s been a busy week at the Pavle.com.au photo desk. Our spy photographers have snapped exclusive scoop photographs of the 2012 Ford Ranger T6 interior. These never before seen photographs illustrate the creature comforts and car-like appointments being rolled out in the work horse. CarAdvice.com.au wrote this about our photographs: Our spy photographers have snapped […]

Renault Samsung SM5 spied testing in Australia

Pavle.com.au photographers have spied the Renault Samsung SM5 testing in Australia with a new V6 engine. The SM5 was released late last year with a limited amount of engines. The new V6 is expected to add a performance boost to the range. Paul Maric from CarAdvice.com.au said: “Although it seems like an amalgamation of an […]

HSV prepares for HSV E3 Series

With Ford’s all new supercharged V8 FPV well on the way, HSV is in the process of preparing for its newest line-up, to be called the E3 Series. The E3 Series will arrive ahead of the VF Commodore introduction and is likely to provide extra power options for consumers and the much anticipated LPG injection […]

2010 FPV GT Spied! Supercharged V8

Pavle.com.au has exclusive spy photos of the latest road-tearing monster from the FPV stables. Paul Maric from CarAdvice told readers: After breaking news of a supercharged FPV in June, 2009, Pavle.com.au photographers have snapped the next installment in FPV’s feisty line-up. Either that or it’s the lead vehicle in Back to the Future IV. It’s […]

2012 Ford Ranger T6 Interior Spied

Pavle.com.au spy photographers have been busy this month. In addition to the FPV Coyote V8 and Territory Diesel scoops, the snap happy spies have captured exclusive interior photographs of the Aussie developed Ford Ranger T6 mules. The Ford Ranger (dubbed the T6) is expected to be ready for the 2012 model year. Ford Australia is […]

Holden VF Commodore Spy Pictures

Our photographers have snapped more images of Holden’s upcoming VF Commodore in testing. The pictures clearly show the masked Commodores alongside a Pontiac G8. Upon closer inspection, the headlights have increased in size and it seems that the front bumper bar has moved further out.