HSV prepares for HSV E3 Series

With Ford’s all new supercharged V8 FPV well on the way, HSV is in the process of preparing for its newest line-up, to be called the E3 Series.

The E3 Series will arrive ahead of the VF Commodore introduction and is likely to provide extra power options for consumers and the much anticipated LPG injection setup.

Pavle.com.au will keep you posted with updates as they come to hand.

4 Responses to “HSV prepares for HSV E3 Series”

  1. Good ol’ photo shop E2 Logo special, yes well done pavle….

  2. Zeek: It’s an official image that has a registered trademark associated with it.

    You’re such a twat mate, you have no idea what you’re talking about. You should stop posting on this site, you’ll look like less of an idiot.

    Let me know if you still can’t figure it out and I’ll give you a link to the source.

  3. Tony, you uneducated wanker. If pavle told you pigs could fly, youd probably believe it! thats how much of a sad prik you are! Lmao and sources? show me? Exacly! There isnt, i know that there is none called the E3 series and dont tell me other wise, im employed at Holden and we get the latest know how before the rest of you uneducated fools do. So next time you call some one a twat, maybe you should take a good look at your self bud, stop pulling your self to hard n do some serious research, Wank!

  4. This is my favourite part – owning n00bs.

    You’re calling me uneducated? Hah, it’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. You’re the one who works for Holden! Probably cleaning floors.

    Anyway, here’s the link you twit:



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