2011 Ford FPV GT-H Spy Photos

After snapping exclusive photos of the 2011 Ford Territory testing, Pavle.com.au photographers have exclusive photographs the 2011 FPV GT-H. Expected to sport 351kW and a mean set of credentials yet unseen for Ford’s performance arm, the vehicle is set to shake up the Australian sports car market.

For more information, check out our previous article on delays currently dogging the 2011 FPV GT-H project.

4 Responses to “2011 Ford FPV GT-H Spy Photos”

  1. 351Kw?

  2. It’s in the previous article linked there. There is a table with the expected power outputs. Apparently the GT-H is meant to put out 351kW 🙂


  3. It’s a pretty tough looking car. 351kW is plenty of power, but if they don’t make wider rear tyres it will have absolutely no grip at all!

  4. Any new info guys, I can’t wait over here!!!!

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