2009 Light Hatch Comparison

CarAdvice‘s Nadine Armstrong puts six light hatches against each other to sort the good from the bad. Photography by Pavle.com.au. “Generally speaking, the word ‘light’ implies there’s something missing: less than the others; a lack thereof; insubstantial; skimping. It rarely invokes a sense of excitement – light beer, for example. As far as the ‘light […]

2009 BMW Z4 sDrive35i Road Test Gallery

CarAdvice.com.au‘s Paul Maric road tests the latest BMW Z4 offering. Photos by Pavle.com.au. “Second gear, 6000rpm heading toward the 7000rpm redline with the roof off, the noise is simply epic. A flick of the steering wheel paddles near-instantly activates third gear, emitting a Golf GTI like pop on the up-shift. If you hadn’t picked it […]